Med Ball Pics

Went to the Trinity Med Ball out in Leopardstown on the 26th of Jan, 07, and it was great fun, although I kinda faded at around two, and thus the night ended fairly early. Was impressed with the fact that I managed to function well the next day, though!

Here are the pictures, anyway. As usual, click on "More Pics" below.

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Christmas Day Dinner, 2006 (Part 1)

We had a fusion-style dinner last night - Turkey and Chinese food - for Christmas Day Dinner. Mum cooked most of it, though I cooked the turkey (though preparation came courtesy of Dunnes Stores :P). JK, Grace and William came over for dinner too, it was tremendous fun, and here is the evidence.

The pics are split up into groups of 8 or so.

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15th Dec, 2006. Copperface Jacks.

Rather than bombarding you guys with bandwith-munching pics, I've finally learnt to use LJ Cut, which means I get to stick one pic on here, and the rest after you click on the link below. They're bigger now, but you can still click on them to get to Flickr and download them.

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Fee, Aifric, JK, Eithne in Wagamama

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Café En Seine post Cor Na Lianna

This set is at Café En Seine, after the Cor Na Lianna concert. As usual, click on the pics to get the option to download VGA res pics. And again, if the names are wrong, lemme know. (All the sneaky pics were by Clare :P)

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Niamh and Clare

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Martha, Grace, Fergal, Ben

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Fergal and Ben

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