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Med Ball Pics

Went to the Trinity Med Ball out in Leopardstown on the 26th of Jan, 07, and it was great fun, although I kinda faded at around two, and thus the night ended fairly early. Was impressed with the fact that I managed to function well the next day, though!

Here are the pictures, anyway. As usual, click on "More Pics" below.

Resize of IMG_2379

At Fergal's House



Eager Wine Pourers

Resize of IMG_2340

Resize of IMG_2342

Resize of IMG_2343

Resize of IMG_2344
The mood feels right.

Resize of IMG_2345

Resize of IMG_2347
Powdering Nose?
Also of note, the couple in the far left.

Resize of IMG_2348
Duffy unimpressed!

Resize of IMG_2349

Resize of IMG_2350
Don (middle) was here for a couple of weeks. To see his fiance, Alex (right).

Resize of IMG_2351
Places everyone!

Resize of IMG_2353
The gracious host of the party.

Resize of IMG_2352
Everyone looked stunning! And I mean everyone!

Resize of IMG_2355
I did say everyone

And now it's time to head to the Ball.

Resize of IMG_2357
Do you really want a comment here?

Resize of IMG_2358
A simple gesture. On the night, it spoke volumes. Not the volume on the stairs, though. Noone knows what that was. :P

Resize of IMG_2360
Lily, guest of JK.

Resize of IMG_2361

Resize of IMG_2362
Whoa! Chicks!! Pretty pretty chicks!!!

Resize of IMG_2362

Resize of IMG_2364

Resize of IMG_2365
This was the grown-up section :D

Resize of IMG_2366

Resize of IMG_2369
This wasn't a drawing, it was a photograph :P

Resize of IMG_2370

Resize of IMG_2372

Resize of IMG_2373
Now look at the two girls near the top right.

Resize of IMG_2374

Resize of IMG_2375

Resize of IMG_2376

Resize of IMG_2377
The backstage of Moulin Rouge, almost, with the girls scurrying around.

Resize of IMG_2378
Charming... :P

Resize of IMG_2379

Resize of IMG_2380
Switchover time. They're versatile :P

Resize of IMG_2381

Resize of IMG_2382

Resize of IMG_2383

Resize of IMG_2384

Resize of IMG_2385

Resize of IMG_2387
The dancefloor, and one of the Nazi guards.

Resize of IMG_2388
Cold, tired, but in great form.
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