ongatl (ongatl) wrote,

15th Dec, 2006. Copperface Jacks.

Rather than bombarding you guys with bandwith-munching pics, I've finally learnt to use LJ Cut, which means I get to stick one pic on here, and the rest after you click on the link below. They're bigger now, but you can still click on them to get to Flickr and download them.

Resize of IMG_2272
Fee, Aifric, JK, Eithne in Wagamama

The rest come from Copperface Jack's

Resize of IMG_2273
Fee, Aifric, Mary Anne

Resize of IMG_2274
Fee, JK, Aifric

Resize of IMG_2275
MAT, JK, Aifric

Resize of IMG_2276
Fee, JK, MAT, Me

Resize of IMG_2280
Fee, Niall, MAT
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