From the final couple of nights in Dublin, the first link was from the the final Session, as Fee calls it, and the second link was a far quieter Saturday.

If you're one of my friends, and are not on Facebook, then tsktsk :P (Hey Fee!)

(Hope to get the other pics up proper some day, for the time being, these will have to do)


Bring your stuff, leave your friends.

I'm packing all my stuff up to move to Perth. It promises to be a new adventure, a different phase in life, all good.

But I hate that I leave behind many friends, 8 years worth. Some have already moved away, yet most remain.


I think it's just hit me that I'm leaving Dublin... Ready or not, that's what's happening.

It's just I'm not so sure I'm ready to.


Damn HSE.
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the truth is...

that the days seem to fly, and i need to get way more work done.

there are days where it seems that i know quite a fair bit, but those days are slashed and burnt by the days where it seems that i know nothing. it seems to swing wildly from one extreme to the other, with nary a compromise in sight...

Thought of the day.

I wonder perhaps if it's easier to be one of those people oblivious to being an asshole and thus not having to worry about what others think.

Though if it's easier, it might not be better.